Wednesday, December 22, 2010

need to catch up a flight tomorrow morning.need to pack up a lot of things.still really have no time.need to get the site up by today.two more to go.
IT'l b fun.lets do it the Wordpress way.
Cheers :D
guys do you know maths?go ahead just check ur calculations :D
stuck in a wordpress FTP connection.making me feel horrible! :X

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it was really a very hectic day.lots n lots to day.discussed plans for a few projects which we would be developing for a few small companies.
Reached Lucknow.still no peace.lots of work. jus 2 days in town. i really wanna rest :( :(

Monday, December 20, 2010

going home tomorrow.lets c wts in store..
3'o clock in the morning.its really cold outside.
doing what i like best..strenghening up security of nmap
working on TECHADITYA, mostly work done.hopefully will fix in on a few modules.
stuck up in a Drupal error with Mysql linking. Ankur sir to the rescue.i really badly hate databases :X

Sunday, December 19, 2010

android 2.2

working on my android app.hope its up and running soon.but the thing which really sucks is the auto command feature not present in Eclipse for android.
who keeps on typing so much :(
hope the Oracle people see that soon in Open Eclipse.
its really hard for our type of android freaks..


its really a basic security check for any type of hacker intrusion and backdoor attacks.
keep having an eye on the log.
came through a live scenario in which a log file had been edited inorder to stop the bugs to get reported to the administrator.
appreciate the work n it was fun tracking the backdoor .


The new Opera is in.freakn cool man.trying to catch up with chrome.hard race but its worth giving a shot
Party's on :!!
good morning :D :D
am up n running...
lots of work to do.. it'l be fun

Saturday, December 18, 2010

just had lunch..not in a good teaches you so many fall down again n again n still therz something which keeps u going on , dats ma Passion :D
Cheers to life.

good morning :D

cool saturday morning..lots of work to'l be fun.

Shortcut key for window resize in linux

we just discovered we cud work upon something so small.yet so wonderful like a shortcut to resize linux window+left/right arrow so as to maintain the same usability on linux which is in windows


another project another respnsibility.guys am going nuts but totally enjoing :D
wanna give JIIT its wiki.Lets do it.Lets rock
oops jus slept.was working on the grub n zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
am up n back to  work..

Friday, December 17, 2010

dont feel like doing nething..jus chatting away online :D :D

Bangalore FOSS event

the event was extremely great .sadly cudn make it :(
hackfests were great . jus wish i cud be there
had a talk with an old friend rite now.ya i am depressed.doesnt matter life goes on.working on a drupal module :D

enjoy the terminal

have u ever tried on byobu on tha terminal?


Have fun :)

Squid help

Guys does anybody have an experience with SQUID?
I actually want to block certain searches through  it.
Its actually easy through Microsoft ISA but want an open source solution.
Comments are welcome.

    Stuck up in a problem :(
    The situation is that i have 2 networks configured as and connected over through a secured client aka Juniper firewall. Now the  thing is that i want to create a secure DMZ zone routing through a Cisco router which is under a problem is how do i create a route with this Juniper firewall and the cisco router inorder to have traffic flow.
    Suggestions and questions are welcome 

    good morning

    nice friday morning.just got up.soon to have breakfast and then back to work.